Working together

Educators know best how to connect with, support and engage creative minds and inspire them to accomplish great things.



We understand that technology can be a disruptive force and sometime interfere in the class room and beyond. We support educators and classroom-based assignment through our educator’s platform that harnesses technology and rewards creativity.

We want to work with you!



As parents ourselves, every day we see how technology has become ingrained in our daily lives and worry about what it is doing to our children. We engage children in a safe and constructive environment where than can use their imagination to create something that they can be recognized and valued for.

Let’s celebrate their success!


Thanks for your interest!

We want to work with you to build safe, strong and vibrant communities where creativity can serve as a tool that unites, empowers, respects and recognizes the values of creatively and diversity.

There are no limits!


Borrowing a term from our friends at Disney, we have a group of internal and external “Imagineers” who work together to ideate and innovate to find new ways of engaging young adults, teens, and children to achieve meaningful milestones in creativity that they can be proud of and recognised for and inspire others to engage.

Centers of Excellence

Baobabooks had partnered with designated Centers-of -Excellence (COE) to help provide feedback on best-practices, leadership and collaboration while developing new approaches to support the creative process. Each COE is able to designate a partner school in an economically under-developed part of the world to drive cross-culture creativity and collaboration between schools.

Baoboab Trees

Find out more about why Baobab Trees are under threat and learn how you can help.

Our commitment: Baobabooks donates 10% of all revenue to support research and solution to help, protect and preserve Baobab Trees by partnering with the Limpopo, South Africa-based Baobab Foundation.

1% For The Planet

We belong to the global movement 1% For The Planet and support their efforts to identify organizations focused on the hard work of restoring our planet for the future.